The story behind my gun tattoo | #whynot

Soon it will be two years that tiny gun marks my wrist. It may seem to be agressive to some, some may think it’s not girly enough, some say it’s unusual idea, I say, it represents a fight. And I mean fight in a peaceful way.

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Review of Eco Desire products (+giveaway!) | Giveaway is closed

Recently I’ve collaborated with Lithuanian brand Eco Desire and today I’m going to share my thoughts about their products. So grab a cup of tea and have a read!

Eco Desire is a brand that provides fresh and ecological products for skin care. In this post I’ll review only a couple of their products – they have many more!

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The land of mountains – Norway


It all began at 5am with a cup of morning coffee and the thought about the fact that upcoming three weeks will be another great adventure. As plane from Vilnius, Lithuania landed to Bergen, Norway my heart was racing. Why? Because I came back to someting so familliar, but at the same this place, after four years when I last time visied Norway, was so different.

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She was the fire. She was burning for every single thing she has ever done, loved or touched. She was looking for love and she found it. Burning for love was the best feeling she has ever got to feel.

She was always surrounded by people, but at the same time she always was alone. She was the flower in a field surrounded by other beautiful flowers, but only she was gently touched by the wind. Continue reading

“Ode” to London


Counting my last hours in the United Kingdom… I would lie if I said I’m 100% happy to leave. Yes, I miss Lithuania. Yes, I miss every single thing, place I haven’t visited for so long or person that I’ve left there, but… Now I have so much to miss from this crazy adventure in London as well. I know I will miss so many things that I had in here and I never would have in Lithuania. Continue reading

3 countries I enjoyed visiting the most


For me, travelling is searching for your pieces all around the world. Travelling (or living) in different parts of the world is what have shaped me the way I am now. Today I’d like to recall 3 journeys, 3 totally different adventures in 3 different countries. Each country was totally different experiences, people and atmosphere. So, let’s dive in, shall we?

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