It’s been my highest mountain

It really was my highest mountain. And not only literally. It’s been eight hours in the mountains and sense of complete freedom and challenges. (For those, who are interested how I got to Norway, read more here). Continue reading


The land of mountains – Norway


It all began at 5am with a cup of morning coffee and the thought about the fact that upcoming three weeks will be another great adventure. As plane from Vilnius, Lithuania landed to Bergen, Norway my heart was racing. Why? Because I came back to someting so familliar, but at the same this place, after four years when I last time visied Norway, was so different.

Journey that lasted for a couple of hours by the bus and train, beautiful view through the window and we were almost there. Continue reading

3 countries I enjoyed visiting the most


For me, travelling is searching for your pieces all around the world. Travelling (or living) in different parts of the world is what have shaped me the way I am now. Today I’d like to recall 3 journeys, 3 totally different adventures in 3 different countries. Each country was totally different experiences, people and atmosphere. So, let’s dive in, shall we?

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Brighton, United Kingdom


Saturday morning, 5a.m. – the time I woke up all excited and ready for a little adventure. Left house early to catch metro to Victoria station where me and my friend sat to a bus – saviour – who finally got us out of crazy London. Journey was full of beautiful, calming views that we were really enjoying. Sweets, earphones exploding while playing your favorite songs and a good friend aside… Perfect. Continue reading