The story behind my gun tattoo | #whynot

Soon it will be two years that tiny gun marks my wrist. It may seem to be agressive to some, some may think it’s not girly enough, some say it’s unusual idea, I say, it represents a fight. And I mean fight in a peaceful way.

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She was the fire. She was burning for every single thing she has ever done, loved or touched. She was looking for love and she found it. Burning for love was the best feeling she has ever got to feel.

She was always surrounded by people, but at the same time she always was alone. She was the flower in a field surrounded by other beautiful flowers, but only she was gently touched by the wind. Continue reading

“Ode” to London


Counting my last hours in the United Kingdom… I would lie if I said I’m 100% happy to leave. Yes, I miss Lithuania. Yes, I miss every single thing, place I haven’t visited for so long or person that I’ve left there, but… Now I have so much to miss from this crazy adventure in London as well. I know I will miss so many things that I had in here and I never would have in Lithuania. Continue reading

Putting pieces together


This weekend was one of those weekends when it’s freezing outside, but you’re lucky enough to stay home in your warm blanket. After long and hard week I finally got a chance to enjoy a cup of coffee, watch favorite series (which in my case is House MD) and just relax. Of course, as usually, as soon as I’m alone all kinds of thoughts are running through my mind and changing one another in seconds. Continue reading

The beginning


29th of July, 2015. It was the day I was looking forward to for the past six months. School is finished and new period of my life was about to start. New period in different country – United Kingdom. Living in another country seemed like a fresh start to me. I can already hear silent laugh of those who know me very well and those who said it was wrong choice even before I left. You were kind of right. Continue reading