Trying out B-lift and Pharma line products (+giveaway!) |Giveaway is closed

estele blp

Text will be published in both Lithuanian and English languages.

LT: Kas geriau nei ankstyvą rytą į duris beldžiantis kurjeris su diiiidele dėže dovanų? Neseniai gavau mielą siuntinuką iš Estele taigi norėčiau trumpai apžvelgti keletą jų nuostabių produktų. Taip pat, kadangi šie produktai man labai patiko – keletą padovanosiu ir jums!

EN: What else is as nice as a courier knocking on your door and delivering huge box of goodies in the early morning? Recently I got a lovely package from Estele so right now I’d like to review some of their (amazing!) products. Since I really loved their products I’d also love to give away some for you to try out so keep reading.

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It’s that time of the year 🎄 | Christmas giveaways | Giveaways are closed

It’s officially winter, yay! As Christmas is closer and closer every minute and everything is full of festive spirit, I thought I’d share something with you, too. I teamed up with a couple of brands to give away some goodies as a thank you for sticking with me and with all of the warmest wishes this season.

You can take a part in all following giveaways, post will be updated every couple of days with following giveaways! So good luck and early Merry Christmas!

1. Eco Desire rose scented face srub

eco desire

Photo by Eco Desire cosmetics

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Yummy! (+ giveaway!) | Giveaway is closed


Text will be published in both Lithuanian and English languages.

LT: Tie reti laisvi rytai… Labas rytas! Šiandien pagaliau turėjau progą tingiai pagulinėti lovoje, o kaip gi pagulinėjimai be maisto! Šįkart skanumynais pasirūpino Aha (ačiū!). Tikriausiai vienas nerealiausių dalykų – rytas, kai nereikia niekur skubėti, lietaus lašeliai barbenantys į langą, o aš susisukusi į šiltą pledą valgau sausus pusryčius ir žiūriu juoką keliantį serialą (besidomintiems – The Office). Tobula dienos pradžia!  Continue reading

Bioderma Sensibio H2O review (+ giveaway!) | Giveaway is closed


I recently received a parcel from Bioderma with Sensibio H2O micellar water in it to try out. Honestly, I haven’t tried it before, but as soon as I cleaned my face with it for the first time it felt amazing and I’m pretty sure I’ll keep using it for like.. forever? As for a person with very sensitive and dry skin this product is a life savior. It’s non-greasy and fragrance free so it feels like regular water and doesn’t irritate skin. Believe me and all these people that review this product positively – it’s amazingContinue reading