Review of Eco Desire products (+giveaway!) | Giveaway is closed

Recently I’ve collaborated with Lithuanian brand Eco Desire and today I’m going to share my thoughts about their products. So grab a cup of tea and have a read!

Eco Desire is a brand that provides fresh and ecological products for skin care. In this post I’ll review only a couple of their products – they have many more!

What’s better than putting on cream or make up on soft and smooth skin? Eco Desire has wonderful face scrubs that are scented with either roses or levander and make your skin smoother than any other (really, I’ve never tried any face scrub that was better than theirs).

Using it is very simple – mix it with some warm water (the warmer water is – the softer it will be), massage it for 1-2 minutes and wash it off. Now, you’re ready to put on a cream!

Lets begin with my favorite cream of Eco Desire – face cream called Prabangus (meaning luxurious). The name of it was picked perfectly since as soon as you put it on – you feel luxurious, really. It smells so nice (jasmine scented). Also, it’s simply perfect for dry skin, after using it skin feels so smooth and moisturized. Definitely recommend to it try out!

Another product – face balm – that I adore is called Pusnis (meaning snowdrift), for me it’s a perfect choice to protect my skin in the winter. As well as cream I mentioned before this face balm makes your skin very soft and feels very light as well as is very easy to use. As all of their creams this one is advised to use on clean wet skin for better effect.

Your skin around eyes is often getting irritated or starting to age? Then this one is for you! Use coffee scented eye cream called Kerai (meaning spell) under your eyebrow and on the cheekbone below the eye (avoid putting it on the eyelid in case of any allergies). I think it’s a perfect choice for morning routine since scent of coffee keeps one awake. :)

In conclusion, all of the Eco Desire products are super light and feels simply amazing on skin. The entire cosmetics line is fresh and made of organic sertificated raw materials. Also, 17 of their products are vegan, others have beeswax as one of the ingredients. Definitely recommend you to try these out!

With the code ”TWD15” you’ll get 15% discount on any product I’ve reviewed on this post (code is valid up until 31st of March).

For more information about these products and more click here. Information is provided in Lithuanian language only, but I’ll be happy to provide you any additional information you need in the comments!


Giveaway is closed, winner was chosen and contacted.

All photos are by Eco Desire cosmetics.


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