10 things I’ve learned in 2016

As year is inevitably coming to the end I thought I’d share 10 things that I’ve learned (or made sure it’s valid) in 2016. So grab of cup of tea and have a read!

1. It’s people who make your experiences special, nothing else.
2. People come and go, it’s one of the many circles of life, some you have to let go, some you have to keep by your side no matter what. I learned how to pick the right ones.
3. Travelling is the best therapy. Does it even need an explanation?
4. Education is everything. As long as you keep learning something new every day – you’re truly living.
5. Experiencing new things and escaping your comfort zone is something that makes your life beautiful. Life is great as long as there are first times.
6. In most cases, I learned to forgive. You should too.
7. There’s nothing better in life than not to depend on others and lead your own life.
8. I learned not to be afraid to share my opinion out loud. Because every opinion matters.
9. Nice strangers you meet in various places will always be the ones to make your cloudy day sunny againI learned not to only enjoy seeing nice people around, but share a smile with strangers from time to time. Believe me, it’s one of the most simple, but greatest things you could do.
10. Everything depends on us. Pursuing of ideas, risking in aim to reach the goals is something that I started to really admire just recently. Standing ovations for those that are seeking for their dreams, I’m joining you.
This year was a complete rollercoaster, more than any other year 2016 was full of ups and downs and I’m so thankful for that. Only experiences – good or bad – can make us change for better.
May 2017 be great when it comes to truly living life.

Any experinces of 2016 you would like to share? Leave a comment! Would like to hear how your 2016 has been!



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