”It does get better” – James


Autumn evenings are always full of nostalgic memories, at least for me. Tonight I’d like to share one so grab warm cup of tea and keep reading.

Late evening, Brownswood pub, London, beggining of October last year. Exactly 100 days until I had to leave the UK and come back to native Lithuania. Thoughts are changing one another in seconds, my earphones are silently playing Sedated by Hozier… A couple of hours of sitting alone and this lonely guy that was sitting right in front of me for the same amount of the time walks up to me. He asks if I need any company, without a second thought I say ”no”. After a couple of minutes I realise that curiosity won, so I join him. After a few regular questions that are often asked when you meet a new person surprisingly we start talking about absolutely anything since we never planned to excange any contacts so there was no pressure to impress one another or be ashamed of anything. A couple of hours passed like a second. I couldn’t believe I was able to talk about anything with a person that I just met. As it got late he escorted me home, gave me warm hug, said ”It does get better” and walked away. I never saw him again. Until 100 days passed.

Cold winter night, me and my friend are starting our long journey to the airport. As I cross Brownswood pub and have a quick look I see… James. I call him by his name hoping that he remembers me since quite some time since I last saw him passed. He welcomes me with a warm hug. And then I tell him that 100 days have already passed and I’m already leaving. As we said goodbye in my heart I was hoping that it won’t be the last time I’ll ever see him and maybe one day same Brownswood pub will bring us together. It was never so hard to say goodbye to the stranger.

And he wasn’t the stranger really. James was the person that gave me so much courage, ideas, motivation to seek for my dreams and simply… He strenghtened my belief in people.

If by any chance you will ever read this, James, just know that you have changed my life forever. In thoughest moments I think of you and remember that it actually  does get better.


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