Uoga uoga cosmetics (+giveaway!) | Giveaway is closed


This week I got a lovely package from a Lithuanian brand called Uoga uoga (thanks again!) and finally found some free time to try out these goods. Also, I have something to give away for one of you so keep reading…


First thing that I tried out immediately was this beautiful lip/cheeck cream (yes, you can use it for both!). I have to say that this shade is one of my favorite colors from other brands as well, but unlike some of the lipstics it feels so light on the lips! I couldn’t be more bothered to correct my lipstic each time I drink or eat, so this product is a great choice since one can apply it is so easily.


Body lotion (left side of the picture) has the greatest smell ever, really. Scent of green lemon and mint immediately awakens you on the cold, rainy autumn morning. I haven’t had any time to try out hair balm yet, but definitely will do today. I’m very good at damaging my hair and it’s perfect choice for dry damaged hair since it has natural oils that improve hair condition.

I have to say there’s nothing like wonderful scents on the autumn – when everything is dark it brightens your day. Definitely recommend you Uoga uoga cosmetics to make those dark days warmer with great natural scents and wonderful products.

Uoga uoga is a brand that provides cruelty-free, fresh and natural products. For more information and all of the products check out their page: uogauoga.lt

Reviewed products:

Lip/cheeck cream

Body lotion

Hair balm


Giveaway is closed, winner was chosen and contacted.


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7 thoughts on “Uoga uoga cosmetics (+giveaway!) | Giveaway is closed

  1. I have just liked your page on facebook and followed you on Bloglovin, what for a cute blog! I never heard of Uoga uoga and now I am feeling so dumb – because I love Lithuania, went there last year and didn’t check local brands :( Should have done it, the products look so great! Next time, then! Hope you have a very nice week!


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