It’s been my highest mountain

It really was my highest mountain. And not only literally. It’s been eight hours in the mountains and sense of complete freedom and challenges. (For those, who are interested how I got to Norway, read more here).

The idea to climb a mountain evolved as soon as we heard about cabin that is in the middle of enormous mountains and tourist road that’s leading to it (apparently there are around 500 mountain cabins all around Norway!). I have to say it’s one of the most challenging things I’ve ever experienced – weather was rainy and cold, my shoes were wet, my hiking skills weren’t developed very well.. And I never felt so good! Actually, I was thinking about climbing the mountain the first time I visited Norway – 4 years ago – but never did. I’m so happy that eventually I decided to do so.

As we (me and my friend – company is very important as well!) kept climbing we saw barely any people, even though it was weekend, a couple of animals (mostly sheeps), beautiful little lakes in the middle of the mountains, snow (I also managed to build a little snowman in the middle of the summer!), bigger or smaller waterfalls.. The list goes on and on.

And finally we reached it. The cabin we were looking for with every step we took. It was a lovely small red cabin with a little heater, some food and plenty people (weekend hikers). I just couldn’t believe we reached our goal. Warmth, place to sit, chance to take wet shoes off.. Is there anything better? Simple things.

As soon as we got back home I was unexplainably happy. I finally did something that I was thinking about for so long and something, that requires a lot of strenght – not only physical, but also emotional.

For those, who seek for adventure click here for more information about tourist routes in Norway, cabins, food and basically anything you would like to know.

A couple of tips to make your journey more enjoyable:

  1. Make sure you have a bottle of water.
  2. Don’t pack up too many stuff – the more you have, the harder it will be to carry them.
  3. You want to have a camera. The views you are about to see are wonderful and definitely worth to capture.
  4. Waterproof shoes is everything. Unless you’re climbing when it wasn’t raining for at least a couple of days before hike.
  5. Follow ”T” letters (that’s how tourist route is marked) very closely – you don’t want to get lost in the mounains!
  6. Enjoy your journey, it will be hard, but don’t forget – you can do anything and eventually the journey will turn into a great memory!



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