The land of mountains – Norway


It all began at 5am with a cup of morning coffee and the thought about the fact that upcoming three weeks will be another great adventure. As plane from Vilnius, Lithuania landed to Bergen, Norway my heart was racing. Why? Because I came back to someting so familliar, but at the same this place, after four years when I last time visied Norway, was so different.

Journey that lasted for a couple of hours by the bus and train, beautiful view through the window and we were almost there.

I will not get into details, because it’s hard to even begin telling things that happened during those three weeks, but I‘ll just say that people I met, places I‘ve visited and emotions I felt will stick with me forever. Norway is not only a country of the great mountains, but also wonderful people. I managed to meet quite a couple that were my family for all the time I’ve been there and always will be. They inspired me to seek for better and be better by showing great example of simply being wonderful, thoughtful and sincere human beings.

I will always be thankful for moments that made me realise so much. Once again I realised that there‘s nothing else like a cup of tea and a great book. Walks in the rain. All moments to remember and cherish forever. It‘s been just a little bit more than a week since I left the land of mountains, but I already look back and smile.

They say you can make a wish when you  see the same numbers like 11:11, 12:12 etc. on your phone screen, watch or any gadget that is capable of showing time. Today, my wish is to see you all again.

Takk Norge, jeg håper å se deg igjen snart!














2 thoughts on “The land of mountains – Norway

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  2. Each time we go for same place is not as same as before. It’s a new feeling that can’t override the before oe but always a golden memory.


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