“Ode” to London


Counting my last hours in the United Kingdom… I would lie if I said I’m 100% happy to leave. Yes, I miss Lithuania. Yes, I miss every single thing, place I haven’t visited for so long or person that I’ve left there, but… Now I have so much to miss from this crazy adventure in London as well. I know I will miss so many things that I had in here and I never would have in Lithuania.

I learned a lot. I went through a lot. I met people that I fell in love with. I fell in love with every single kind smile that I got in here. God bless people who were kind to me. Whose smiles made me forget my problems each day and kept me going no matter what was happening in my mind. I’ll miss you dearly and my heart is shattering into pieces when the thought that I’m leaving you for good and possibly I never will meet neither of you again crosses my mind (anyway, I’m still waiting for you guys (you know who you are) in Lithuania, just give me a call!). I felt things I would never have felt if I wasn’t here. I have to say – all of the things I’ve experienced in here were true eye openers. Not only about experiencing different life, meeting all kinds of people from all around the world each day… I got to know who would be there for me no matter where I was. I have to admit, list of people who stayed with me, who cared enough to ask if I’m well and alive is very, very short. However, I appreciate every single one of them. Every single word that they’ve ever said that kept me moving forward. And mostly I learned… about myself.

I’m so glad I had a chance to skip thousands of pointless conversations and had really meaningful ones only. I learned so so so much from all of the people I had a chance to have real conversation with, I can’t even tell.

Enormous thank you to my colleagues who I had a pleasure to work with. For all hugs or kind, supportive words that were distracting me from dark thoughts and sadness. Chloé, I will remember how passionately you believe in me. Always. And I couldn’t be more thankful. James, whose one phrase totally changed my perspective to life. I will always, always, always remember what you told me. I will always carry it in my heart and try to live by it. Also, quick hello and best wishes for cashiers at Tesco and lovely barista at Brownswood pub – you were so awesome! It would be very long and boring blog post if I wanted to mention you all, but… THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sincerely caring about me, offering me hugs whenever you felt like I needed it, simply being there which means a world to me.

Now that it’s the end, I never thought that I would ever say this, but I will miss waking up in my cozy little room, rushing to work, seeing smiles of my lovely colleagues at work… All of the simple things that I think about now and it already feels so nostalgic.

Thank you, London. Now I’m ready to come back home.

Lithuania, I’m coming!


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