3 countries I enjoyed visiting the most


For me, travelling is searching for your pieces all around the world. Travelling (or living) in different parts of the world is what have shaped me the way I am now. Today I’d like to recall 3 journeys, 3 totally different adventures in 3 different countries. Each country was totally different experiences, people and atmosphere. So, let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Norway

Norway was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. As very claustophobic person I can say that life when you are surrounded by mountains is not as easy as it seems. Anyway, as soon as you get used to it – it’s the most peaceful way to live. I spent awesome 2 weeks in this beautiful place and was surrounded by the sweetest people in the entire world. I totally recommend visiting Norway if you want to escape from your everyday life, think through things or just spend some time on your own.








2. Estonia

Estonia wasn’t something very special when it comes to architercture, surroundings and amount of green fields that they have. Just because it’s very similar to Lithuania – Baltic States are all pretty similar. :) The reason I went to Estonia was to see band 30 Seconds to Mars playing live and meet up with my friend from the band – Tomo. Anyway, I had plenty of time to explore Tallinn, which is very beautiful city. Also, on Instagram (you’re not following me there yet? here you are!) I’ve asked if can you guess where the photo of the beautiful door (don’t ask, I have a very weird hobby – capturing various doors) was taken. The answer is – Estonia!




3. United Kingdom

Originally, I never planned to include UK to the list. I was talking about it all the time in here, but I realised that UK will always stay in the corner of my heart. Minimalistic architecture of London amazes me. Fabulous buildings outside the city centre, green parks and busy people running somewhere is something that makes this city so special. I love seeing busy people in nice environment when I don’t have to hurry somewhere myself, hehe. Also, I visited Brighton, which was simply amazing. More about Brighton you can read here.




Bonus, and my favorite country in the entire Universe… Lithuania.

My lovely native country, Lithuania. I can assure you it’s the most beautiful country from all of the Baltic States (no offence to other Baltic countries, I love you as well!), I know, because I visited them all. Green fields outside the cities, amazing Old Town of capital Vilnius and of course… sea side. :) I highly recommend visiting Lithuania, you will not be disappointed. It’s amazing!






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