The world is already full of hate, be the light


Time flies. It seems like we just welcomed New Years and it’s almost 2016. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about New Years, new beginning is… New Year resolutions. I barely had any when years were changing one another, except silly “I’ll eat healthier, I’ll save more” ones. This year I have a resolution. So as for all the years to come. To be more kind for people that are surrounding me. The world is already full of hate and pain, I don’t want to cause any anymore. Also, I’ll start today, because it’s something you don’t have to wait for. Life is short, don’t waste it for hate. Kind smile or act can change lives.

Think – what are your goals? Are you satisfied with the life you’re living? What would you change if you could (and you know what I’ll tell you, you can)? Surround yourselves with people you love, who inspire you, who make you a better person. Forgive. Forgive for everyhing that once was (or still is) shattering your heart into pieces. Love. Love as much as you would love to be loved. Smile. Smile for as much people as you can. You would be surprised of how many people would smile back. ;) Live your life to the fullest. Make your dreams your reality. Reach the point of your life so when you close your eyes you could think “I was living for this moment”. Give. Give everything you can. It doesn’t have to be something material. Give your heart, your energy, your help, your ideas, your advices to anyone who needs it, or those that are afraid or ashamed to admit that they need help.

I’m so lucky to be surrounded by people who really, truly care about me. And I never forget to give back as much. I would do anything for my loved ones. If I ever loved you, you can be sure I would die for you. Some would consider it as a harmful thing, but for me that’s everything. I could move mountains if I knew it made my friends or family smile. I give pieces of myself to everyone each day. And I’ve never regretted it, because I never expect to get them back. I just hope those pieces will make them happy.

To sum up – love, be loved, spread the light and kindness. Support people, help them succeed, believe me, people who you help their dreams come true to is one of so little things that will make you so happy.

Have a nice, wonderful Christmas and upcoming New Years! Let it be the best ones you’ve ever had. And don’t forget to be kind all-year-round, not only this season. ;)

Today I forgive everyone… and hope to be forgiven.






Photos were taken at Winter Wonderland, London, 2015


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