I light a candle for the world


It’s sad that world unites only when something terrible happens.

After horrifying events all around the world (and not only France) I realised that I have so much to tell when it comes to this topic. I tried to avoid it so badly, because it seems just like a political game that divides the world. I will try to look at it from the different angle.

I’m deeply saddened about humanity and what’s happening in the World that we all are a part of. And mostly – that most inhuman creatures are humans themselves. I know that good still wins over bad, but I really wish there was so much more less bad things happening around us. We will never have a world full of rainbows and unicorns, but we can try to make it a better place every day. My heart shatters into pieces when I think how divided humanity is. The fact is – we all are equal. We all equally deserve to be happy, to live our dreams and to have best lifes we possibly can. Poverty, wars, deaths of innocent people… And the list goes on and on. These things upset me so much. Why do I deserve a life that some people can only imagine about? Why we all can’t have equal opportunities to grow, learn, have peace or simply… live?

When you just stop for a second to think – it’s almost 2016. What people are fighting for? What else do you possibly need so much that instead of diplomacy we have in our times you feel like you have a right to treat others like you were a person from Ice Age who just felt the need to survive no matter what was the price? Talking about the problems and doing all we can to solve them is the only way we can possibly make peaceful decisions that would be acceptable for everyone.

Smile to each other more often, even to the stranger on the street – you don’t know what he’s going through, maybe it will make his or her day better. Be kind to one another. Go and tell your loved ones that you love and care about them. Never leave person in pain. Don’t ever let anyone feel alone. Be there for people in need. Say sorry if you feel you should have to. And even if you don’t – do it anyway.  Don’t break relationships that bond us.

My conscience is tranquil, because I know I did all I could to be there for those, who needed me. I said sorry for every single person I felt I had to. If I didn’t – I’m sorry. I lost too many people in all the ways possible. I feel terribly betrayed by people, because whenever I needed them they turned their back for me. But thanks to them I feel stronger now. As much as I would love to have them in my life, I know I did all I could. The rest is up to them.

Please, promise me, promise the world, and most imoportantly – promise yourselves, that you will do whatever it takes to make yourself and others around you happy by peaceful means. We all are strong as long as we all are united. As one wonderful person said – if one finger shakes the entire palm will fall apart. Hold each other’s hands, don’t let difficulties to divide us. Let difficulties to make us stronger together.

I light a candle for the world. For victims and injured ones after horrible events all around the world. For their friends and families. For those, that are in pain. For those, who are currently going through their personal hell. For the people who deserve to be treated right. For the life that everyone deserves.

And as the tear drops down my face I promise to make world a better place in any way I can and leave it more beautiful than it was before I had a chance to live in it.


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