The Neighbourhood @ London


It all started with “Sweather weather”. A couple of days ago it was just my phone ring tone and my alarm clock, but this week I was lucky enough to hear it live. Let’s start from the beginning.

Cold evening of November 10th in London. People were lining up near Heaven arena to see their idols, favorite singers or whatever they are to them. For me, they’re just guys from The Neighbourhood. You see what I’m referring to, right? I’d say there was a thousand people or so, so I was really excited to avoid really massive event and yet I still got to enjoy great music. Beginning of the event is always kind of the worst part. You line up, wait (for hours if you’re crazy or dedicated enough to do so, which I wasn’t this time) and listen to most of the time boring support band that you have no clue about. Anyway, as soon as Jesse of The Neighbourhood showed up on the stage crowd came alive. Songs were performed flawlessly, Jesse’s voice was amazing, the rest of the band did their job very well as well. I really loved that old school vibe that they’ve created. Black and white lights for most of the show, their careless (in a good way), kind of rebel attitude was something I always admired. Opposite from their lyrics “it’s too cold for you here, and now” it was hot as hell. Not only in the venue, but in every single blood cell that contained crowd’s arteries as well. Also, it would be a shame not to mention that half naked Jesse Rutherford is the best Jesse Rutherford. Believe me.

I left the venue with so many thoughts in my mind. As never before after the concert my excitement didn’t take over. I felt so calm in my mind. I took a one-hour-long moment to really enjoy their music which really helped me to discover a lot of new things about myself or re-think something that was always on my mind. One hour passed like a second. I’m so thankful to those guys for bringing such an amazing show. Well done. Very well done.

Since The Neighbourhood is touring Europe now, I highly suggest seeing them live if they perform in a venue you are able to reach. Trust me, it will be one of the best nights of you life.


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