Brighton, United Kingdom


Saturday morning, 5a.m. – the time I woke up all excited and ready for a little adventure. Left house early to catch metro to Victoria station where me and my friend sat to a bus – saviour – who finally got us out of crazy London. Journey was full of beautiful, calming views that we were really enjoying. Sweets, earphones exploding while playing your favorite songs and a good friend aside… Perfect.

At once we reached coach station we saw beautiful blue water of English Channel. We couldn’t help but run there immediately after we got out of the bus. Time in Brighton was amazing. We visited many places, had nice coffee while listening to a random girl beautifully playing guitar and showing the world her beautiful voice. And of course, we’ve tasted famous Fish&Chips – how can you not try them at least for once if you’re in the UK? :) The sun was shining, people around were smiling, what more could you want? :)

As well, Brighton people had a little bit of Halloween spirit  even though I can’t deny that people form London were way more creative when it comes to Halloween. I mean… I was sitting next to “Ariana Grande” in metro.

If you ever consider visiting UK, don’t dive straight to London like it’s the only place to visit in the UK. I highly suggest considering Brighton, it might totally change your view when it comes to your thoughts the way UK is.








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