The beginning


29th of July, 2015. It was the day I was looking forward to for the past six months. School is finished and new period of my life was about to start. New period in different country – United Kingdom. Living in another country seemed like a fresh start to me. I can already hear silent laugh of those who know me very well and those who said it was wrong choice even before I left. You were kind of right.

Anyway, now I’m here and I’m trying to take the best of everything I can. I met quite a couple amazing people which I never would have met if I never came here. I learned a lot. I experienced struggles that gave me strenght and I would have never experienced if I wasn’t here. I fell in love with places. People. People, who still remember me back home and are waiting for me to come back.

I started this as a little place for myself to share and sort out my thoughts and for those who are curious of how my life turned since I am here.

My life is the wonderful disaster.


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